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Welcome To Pas de Trois…

by David on July 14, 2010

Three perspectives—one site. Two guys and a gal discuss dance. Thank you for visiting us! Join in the discussion on the previous questions below, and check back for more dance-related stuff soon..


What Is Your Dream Role?

by catherine on October 26, 2010

Thanks to Dave from Dave Tries Ballet for giving us this next question: What is your dream role? We’d be happy to hear non-dancers ring in here too–just tell us a role you’d like to dance if you were able to… harm in dreaming a bit, right? We’d love to hear what your dream role [...]


Send Us Your Questions!

October 21, 2010

The three of us at Pas de Trois want to hear from you! If you have a question you’d like us to put out there, leave it here in the comments section below. We want this to be a forum where all types of questions are discussed regarding dance, so if you have something in [...]

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What Was Your Greatest Experience On Stage?

October 2, 2010

This week we’d like to get back to the questions and have you ring in with your answer…we’ll be posting ours and alerting you below when the answer goes up, as usual. This week the question is for dancers… What was your greatest experience on stage? Most dancers have a moment where everything just comes [...]

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Bedtime Stories: The plots of famous ballets, Tights and Tiaras-style

September 30, 2010

One night, while dancing in Giselle, one of, if not the most famous classical ballet of them all, I was thinking that these stories we are performing again and again are not only quite good – you might not know them. If you haven’t seen the ballet, I doubt you know the story of how Giselle was [...]

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Great Dance Blogs

September 23, 2010

From time to time on this blog, David, Henrik or I will be posting a reference to something we did on one of our sites. This week I’d like to highlight a post I authored on Great Dance Blogs. I have to admit I’ve found some others since then, but this is a good start [...]

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How important is barre-practice?

September 13, 2010

Time for our next question. This time, we would love to hear you opinion on the barre practice – how important is it? A preparation for any movement, or remains of an old system? Join in the discussion in the comment fields below, and check in when we post our answers as usual on our [...]

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How can you get someone into watching dance?

September 5, 2010

Alright, time for our next question of the week here at Pas de Trois. But first, we want to thank all the people that has joined us so far! It’s great to see so many people sharing their views and expiriences! This week, we would love to hear you opinion on the following: How can [...]

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What Is The Most Important Quality In A Dance Teacher?

August 30, 2010

Thanks so much for all the comments on our first question: “Who is your favorite dancer?” We were overwhelmed with the input and think it’s great that so many people rang in with their thoughts! This week, we hope you’ll join us in exploring our next question: “What is the most important quality in a [...]

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Who is your favorite dancer?

August 20, 2010

Thank you for joining us at Pas de Trois! Today we will share the first question that will be up for discussion… Who is your favorite dancer–and why? David, Henrik and I will be answering this question on our blogs–we’ll add links to our posts here as they go live so you can just click through…Catherine [...]

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