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The authors
Pas de Trois grew from a series of conversations between three dance bloggers who have never met face-to-face. Here is a little bit of information about each of them:

Catherine L. Tully, 1987

“The Gal” … Catherine L. Tully

Catherine has been involved with dance since she broke her arm at age 5 trying to do a cartwheel with no hands. Her Mom promptly removed her from gymnastics class and enrolled her in ballet.

She studied in Oak Park, Illinois until her very selfless teacher told her she needed more classes and she should go “downtown” to Chicago to get more training. Catherine then auditioned for Chicago City Ballet School, where she would study under teachers such as Maria and Marjorie Tallchief and Inesse Alexandrovich. Catherine performed with the school and then with the company at the Auditorium Theatre in Balanchine’s Four Temperaments.

After leaving CCB, she studied at Lou Conte Dance Studio and then moved to Japan, where she performed, taught and choreographed for three years. After leaving the stage, she began to write for magazines such as Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit, youngARTS and others. She was also offered the opportunity to serve as the Outside Europe Representative for the National Dance Teachers Association in the UK; a position she still holds today.

On a whim, Catherine started 4dancers, a blog for dancers, dance teachers and those who love dance. To her pleasant surprise, the readership grew so quickly that she began to expand the site, including interviews with those in the field, teaching tips, reviews and more. The blog has become a central focus, and through writing it, she was able to connect with both Henrik and David—the other founders of Pas de Trois.

Catherine has a BA in Exercise Science & Fitness Management, and lives in the Chicago area. You can reach her at writer (at) catherineltully (dot) com

Henrik Lamark, professional ballet dancer, author of TightsAndTiaras.com

“The Pro’” … Henrik Lamark

Henrik started dancing ballet at four. He was a persistent toddler, and kept sneaking out of his family-home. His parents had to go down to a local football-field nearby to find him, almost every day. They were sure he was watching the boys play soccer (Henrik did also have a short, but glamorous soccer-career in his teens), until they one day realized, it was not the soccer, but a small ballet-studio in a building nearby that drew the little boy there. He was sitting in the window, watching, completely sucked into the movement inside. At four, his mother took him to this local dance-school for classes.

After finishing high-school, still dancing, Henrik moved to Budapest, Hungary, to pursue a career in ballet. Coming from a small town in northern Norway, with limited possibilities for an aspiring ballet dancer, his technique was not what it could have been, and Henrik was in for quite a shock, starting at one of the most prestigious ballet schools of central Europe. But four years, and countless hours of practice later, Henrik proudly held a Bachelors degree in classical ballet in his hand, and headed out in the world to work as a professional ballet dancer. He has been working for several ballet companies, and performed all over the world, amongst others Germany, Switzerland, America, China, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, France, Norway, Poland and Russia. Currently, Henrik is freelancing.

On his blog, Tights and Tiaras, he gives you a unique insight to the life of a professional dancer. Although fund of jumping, he is still solidly grounded in his language, and did not forget how it was like to be an outsider in the great, but sometimes complicated world of dance. Henrik shares his stories, gives you an introduction to ballet terms and technique and describes the plots of the famous ballets, all in a casual tone. As with all vikings, Henrik shares a sense of sarcasm and humor, which he embeds into his language at Tights and Tiaras.

It was through his work with the blog he came in contact with Catherine and David, the other co-founders of Pas de Trois. Now they are collaborating to explore, describe and discuss all the sides and perspectives of dance on their new site, www.dancing3.com

David Hunter Dancer

David Hunter, dancer, author, and teacher.

“The Amateur” … David Hunter

David was always interested in dance, but didn’t find himself in a dance class until he was 25 years old. Growing up, David loved to dance, but thought that it was because he had too much energy. In high school he taught himself to break dance and enjoyed dancing socially. After high school, he worked as a model in Hollywood and even worked as a background dancer in Christina Aguillera’s music video for “Dirrrty.”

In his twenties, David worked as a deckhand on cargo ships. He traveled around the world on ships for three years until deciding to return to college. While working on ships, David realized that he wanted to actually study a form of dance. He felt that he was getting too old to break dance anymore, and wanted to find another way to express himself through dance. He found the book, New York City Ballet Workout in a used bookstore and this turned him on to the idea of ballet.

David spent a year planning his return to school, working on ships, and preparing to take ballet classes. Finally, he took his first class and has loved every lesson since. David moved to Olympia, Washington to attend college. There he found Ballet Northwest, a pre-professional company, and the Johansen Olympia Dance Center.

David continued to train in ballet and modern dance and eventually joined Ballet Northwest as a company member. As he continued to dance, David created BalletForMen.com in order to help other guys get started in dance. There were very few resources for guys to get into dance. David has made it his focus to promote ballet in society and make it more accessible to everyone. He authored and published the book, Ballet Apparel for Men: A Complete Beginner’s Guide, and continues to create valuable content for dancers on his blog.

In 2009, David and his girlfriend, Katherine Swarthout, created HD Wear, a clothing apparel company committed to promoting ballet and fashionably representing dancers.

David currently dances as a soloist for Ballet Northwest and teaches creative dance classes for boys. He is getting a Masters in Teaching and hopes to promote dance in public schools.

David connected with Catherine and Henrik through their websites. Their commitment to  promoting dance and a strong dance community, has led to their collaboration on Pas de Trois at Dancing3.com

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