About The Site

What is Pas de Trois?

Pas de Trois is a collaboration between three dance bloggers – “two guys and a gal” – who have come together to discuss various issues and ideas about dance. This site grew from a series of conversations via e-mail and Skype where the authors explored different ways to work together so that they could create a sense of community on the web for those interested in exploring dance in depth with one another.

Learn more about the authors here.

How does it work?

Pas de Trois is a work in progress and it is our hope that it will continue to evolve and expand. To begin, we have decided we will post a question on the site once a week, then each of us will write a post about it on our respective blogs. You can check this site for the link to each blog as they go live with the discussion.

How can I participate?

We welcome all voices here and hope that you will feel free to add your comments and thoughts to each post. If you are a dance blogger, feel free to post a link here to your answer if you opt to answer the question in a post on your blog.

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