What Was Your Greatest Experience On Stage?

by catherine on October 2, 2010

This week we’d like to get back to the questions and have you ring in with your answer…we’ll be posting ours and alerting you below when the answer goes up, as usual.

This week the question is for dancers… What was your greatest experience on stage?

Most dancers have a moment where everything just comes together. Where you feel at one with the music, the audience, the choreography, etc. We’d love to hear about yours. It’s different for everyone, so please feel free to share whatever comes to mind when you hear that question…

If you aren’t a dancer, we’d love to hear what the greatest thing you have ever seen on stage is in terms of dance. It would be neat to hear the perspective from the other side of the stage as well!

Catherine’s response: Is live on 4dancers.

Henrik’s response: posted on Tights and Tiaras

David’s response: Coming soon

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