Bedtime Stories: The plots of famous ballets, Tights and Tiaras-style

by Henrik on September 30, 2010

One night, while dancing in Giselle, one of, if not the most famous classical ballet of them all, I was thinking that these stories we are performing again and again are not only quite good – you might not know them. If you haven’t seen the ballet, I doubt you know the story of how Giselle was betrayed by her lover and ended up with the mean Willies. So I got this idea: In a new set of posts, I’ll tell you some nighttime-stories: The plots of the most famous ballets, Tights and Tiaras-style.

Nikola Márová and Michael Stipa in Giselle

So, check out the column “Bedtime Stories” every once in a while! That’s where you would want to check back for new plots of the ballets, told in a way you understand (I know, all that pantomime is so1896).

And have a look at David and Catherine’s sites as well when you’re at it – lots of good resources, stories, tips, pictures, the shit! Have fun!

Ta-ta :)

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